Riverwood maintains a proven reputation for providing high quality claims services while striving to control costs and minimize risk for our clients. We actively work to establish ongoing relationships with our clients that allow our adjusters to routinely provide prompt, accurate services that custom fit our clients’ needs.   We understand that communication with our clients is the key to a long-term relationship.

Areas of Expertise:

  • General Liability
  • Auto and Trucking Transportation
  • Property and Large Loss Management
  • Professional Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Cyber Liability

Client Support Services

Claims System

Riverwood’s TPA Claims Management system is a proprietary software program that was developed solely as a claims management system. It is a state of the art program developed to provide full interaction, documentation and reporting of all claim elements. This system allows us to monitor claims in real-time enabling timely detailed claim progress updates.  Full client interaction is allowed for system file review with electronic responding capacity.

Riverwood offers top level emphasis on the various aspects of claims service, such as tailored compliance measures, interactive performance driven approval lists, unified reporting, and fee and invoicing solutions. Riverwood is your one-stop solution for consistency and quality in claims management and administration.

Program Customization

Riverwood provides a completely customizable full-service claim solution that seamlessly integrates all of our resources into dedicated client specific programs. While each client has its own set of unique procedures and business drivers, we work in partnership with our clients to consistently achieve their goals through tailoring services to meet individual needs.  Our ability to simplify the process helps to deliver quality service to our clients.

Our client base includes a variety of risks, such as: 

  • Government/ Municipal entities
  • Private Industry Business
  • National / Regional trucking companies and associated environmental exposures
  • School board and recreation associations
  • Insurance carriers and brokers
  • Self-insured groups and associations

Dedicated Field Adjuster Support

Supported by our parent company, Custard Insurance Adjusters, licensed and highly skilled field adjusters with a solid track record will handle your claims from start to finish. Services include but not limited to:

  • Complete Liability Investigation
  • Obtain Necessary Recorded Statements
  • Provide Scene Photos and Diagrams
  • Procure Official Reports: police, fire, etc.
  • Vehicle Appraisals
  • Property Inspections/Estimates
  • Total Loss Settlements and Salvage
  • Bodily Injury Documentation, Evaluation and Settlement
  • PIP/MP Documentation, Evaluation and Settlement
  • Medicare Reporting Management
  • Vehicle Rental Coordination
  • Litigation Management

Our field services combine a team of licensed, experienced adjusters, advanced technology and nationwide access to offer and administer a customized program specifically suited to each individual client. We continually strive to provide both large and small flexible programs to adapt to specific client needs and provide excellent, timely personalized service.

Lines of Business

General Liability

Riverwood’s talented and highly skilled team can manage your liability claims from incident notification and file documentation all the way through investigation and litigation support. Our Standard Operating Procedures routinely take into consideration the discovery process and we prepare accordingly. Every Riverwood solution is built on a proactive cost containment solution, as well as a foundation of industry leading claims management.


Riverwood Claims Management has been recognized as a premier claims management company with roots firmly planted in handling commercial transportation losses. The company has been strongly driven by its successful partnerships with trucking companies, insurance carriers and self-insured risks. Our team of experienced claims specialists have a keen understanding of the transportation industry and is committed to reducing the risk of liability associated with roadway accidents. Complex issues that arise in transportation claims handling call for the specific expertise that Riverwood prides itself on.

Heavy Equipment

Our clients can count on expertise and excellent management service from Riverwood’s Heavy Equipment Division. The unit is comprised of industry leading claims specialists with extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and vital components of quality claims handling.

Our goal is to deliver a top-notch, consistent product throughout the United States. With a focus on the proper management of downtime and general expense leakage, the unit will consistently provide accurate, well documented and timely physical damage appraisals and valuations.


Riverwood’s Environmental Division supports the management of cargo losses where hazardous materials may be involved. Our experienced claims specialists assess the risk and determine the best course of action for clean-up and disposal of hazardous materials.

This division maintains a nationwide database of well positioned response contractors who conduct remediations of environmental spills and incidents anywhere in the United States. Our claims specialists routinely manage all initial regulatory reporting, subsequent waste disposal, and the proper follow-up reporting to limit or eliminate regulatory fines or penalties.

Marine & Cargo

We provide a wide range of Marine, Cargo and Logistics services, regardless of mode of transportation. Our extensive understanding of domestic and international admiralty regulations, as well as extensive experience handling single and multi-modal liability issues, allow us to provide a comprehensive approach to managing all cargo concerns. This ensures cost-effective, professional service throughout the settlement process. Likewise, our expertise includes identifying areas where prompt handling and salvage recovery can mitigate exposure.

We provide a wide range of Marine, Cargo and Logistics services, regardless of the mode of transportation, including:

  • Full TPA services for both domestic and international cargo
  • Ocean, air and inland (rail & motor truck) marine cargo claims investigation
  • General pre-shipment and/or pre-insurance facility condition surveys
  • Loading and discharge surveys
  • Hull and machinery damage surveys for various types of vessels: tugs, barges, towboats, fishing vessels, yachts and pleasure craft
  • Vessel condition surveys, including condition & value (C&V) surveys, trip and tow certifications, on/off charter inspections, and loss prevention surveys
  • Liability inspections at marinas, boat builders & dealers, repair yards
  • Over, shortage & damaged (OS&D) analysis and risk consulting
  • International and domestic household goods removal claims
  • Transportation contract review and analysis
  • Transportation/freight claims training services for your staff

Property Services Management

Our Property Services Management Unit provides a centralized service that is efficient in handling all 1st and 3rd party property claim matters. This unit consists of a specialized team of experts dedicated to personally monitoring your property losses to provide the most accurate and professional information possible.

We understand that each client has its own set of unique procedures, and our Property Unit will work to customize a service offering specifically tailored to the client’s specifications. We will also work with each client to develop a customized metric report to provide up to date, real-time claim handling information.

Large Loss

Our Large Loss Unit houses a team of innovative, highly trained claims specialists adept at handling multi-layer, complex claims anywhere in the United States. With an average of 20 years experience, our expert team specializes in the handling of large, complex losses for a variety of industries under various coverages, to include both domestic and international policies.


Large-scale catastrophic losses present unique logistical claims handling challenges. Riverwood understands these special circumstances and is committed to providing the highest quality claims management services during these difficult situations.

Our Catastrophe Division is comprised of seasoned specialists specifically selected for their expertise in the handling of catastrophic type losses. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, our CAT team will provide clients with a cost-effective advantage combined with the specific expertise needed to effectively manage these unique catastrophic losses.

Construction Defect

Riverwood’s Construction team utilizes a proven network of field loss specialists providing comprehensive geographic coverage of the United States coupled with expertise in construction defect litigation. Understanding the complexities associated with construction defects, our focus is to provide our client with the information you need to minimize indemnity and expense exposure.


Riverwood’s Subrogation team is staffed by discipline-specific recovery specialists qualified and ready to step in to recover the deductive and monies paid out on a claim. Utilizing our advanced technology and investigative talent, our recovery and subrogation teams routinely pursue parties that may be otherwise unavailable for the best possible resolution.

Professional Liability

Riverwood’s team of experts understand how important it is to effectively control expenses while properly evaluating and aggressively managing risk in a professional liability claim scenario. Our objective is to actively drive down costs and achieve optimal outcomes for our clients to provide them with a quality overall claims experience.

Product Liability

Our Product Liability Division is equipped to handle the diversity of litigated and non-litigated matters involving major manufacturers and insureds throughout the United States. The liability team has extensive experience in complex production liability and is prepared to handle loss investigations involving a wide variety of products, including but not limited to automobiles, watercraft, tires, farm equipment, aerial platform, gas furnaces, and various types of power equipment.